Why I switched from Lightroom to CaptureOne…

About a year ago I met Douglas Dubler who taught a course at the New York Botanical Gardens – abstract floral photography inspired by Georgie O’Keefe. I invited several photo friends to come with me and we all had an amazing learning experience. At the start of this year, with Douglas’s firm encouragement, I finally switched from Lightroom to Capture One and although it took me some time to explore the program at this point I feel competent. My established workflow is to start a new catalog each year and I see no reason to change at this point.

I resist the impulse to use Lightroom for almost everything – now, just to set up & export an html web gallery which is not one of my core skills. As a part-time, non-matriculated grad student at Southern CT State University, we are standardized on Adobe Creative Cloud so it makes sense to continue to be familiar with the program and it’s updates. This semester I will be studying motion. Very exciting!

It seems that lots of folks recommend and feel comfortable working with the program they know, myself included. Over the years, I have worked with private clients who were interested in learning about Lightroom. It’s always a challenge to shift gears and rewarding when the result is worth the effort.

Over the next month, my short-term goal is to set up Capture One Catalogs for each previous year’s photos. I am excited about this new project.

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