day 8 – CaptureOne practice…

HITCHIKEROrchidShow2020 1

9 days to go: this image was very challenging. Under macro magnification, the surface of this Phragmipedium has very tiny filaments which attract an incredible amount of debris. Perhaps, it is my background as a floral designer that prompts me to “perfect” the flower in post because it is obviously impossible to do this “in camera” at a highly curated orchid show:)

Additionally, because these orchids are terrestrial they are frequently presented near the ground. This presents another challenge…because any supplemental light will typically bounce off the beautiful, puffy pouch frequently creating a bit of a hot spot.

Knowing this going into selects for post , either I do edit it first or save it for near the last.

Something else really bothers me… the names that are usually placed very near the specimen. And, then there are the plastic clips and blue green supports that often hold the specimen in place.

So there is alot extra to edit. I was able to adjust the exposure, HDR and edit a specific color range, and a heal layer for the first touch up In CaptureOne. As a newbie with this program, still have to work with luma range and that will be the next challenge to tackle. Totally love this program and took the edit as far as possible for me before switching to Photoshop. for the pixel-based touch ups,. etc.

The plan, of course, is to go back down to NYBG soon, when it’s a less crowded than on member’s day and have fun trying several lighting set-ups: one with the R1C1 macro flash, another with a large diffuser on the SB 910 and another with the ISO cranked way up. No tripods allowed!

Naturally, my husband, got a perfect shot of a Paphiopedilum in camera with his iphone. His back faced a wall of windows which provided perfect natural light.

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