day 6 – practice CaptureOne

for the next 11 days, will post a new CaptureOne Practice Edit…the short term goal is to see significant progress in working with this exciting program…

#6 – yesterday was Member’s Day/Orchid Show 2020 at the New York Botanical Gardens. The show designer, Jeff Latham, installed a kaleidoscopic, reflective, structure at the main entrance. This was awesome! Can’t wait to go back when the crowds thin a bit, although no one bothered me sitting on the ground as close as I could get to the display:)

Kudos for CaptureOne again: color readouts, HDR adjustments recovered what appeared to be clipped highlights, and a tad of cropping, a pinch of sharpening and a smidge of structure gave this image extra pop. Just love this program!

The points on the Kapok tree are always on the agenda for every visit, and on occasion, don ‘t mind stepping back to get all the swirls of an orchid:)

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