day 5 – practice CaptureOne


for the next 12 days, will post a new CaptureOne Practice Edit…the short term goal is to see significant progress in working with this exciting program…

#5 – (above) layers allow significant in program control (in this case – masking, opacity, color balance & color edit adjustments). This version has much more even color in a small area of an unfurled petals of this beautiful rose in Peggy Rockefeller’s Rose Garden at The New York Botanical Gardens.

I needed to go into Photoshop to repair a very damaged petal on the lower right and in retrospect might leave it untouched in a future exercise.


I was unable to adjust the lower right damaged petal in Lightroom (directly above)  and could not even out the color in the slightly unfurled petal in the middle left.  As the days go by, I am becoming more comfortable and pleased with the superior results of working in CaptureOne.


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