the end of print…not so much

In the late 1990’s when I first studied Graphic Design at Southern CT State University, David Carson’s important work influenced artists. There is something to be said for paying respect to the “masters” and there is something to be said for “rules are made to be broken.” So I am referencing him as a source of inspiration as a nascent designer and also as a source of reflection. Although, “The End of Print” always has and always will be a debated topic among artsy types. In as much as it’s now standard to see something on a  phone, tablet, laptop or even a large 27″ monitor,   seeing the same work as large form fine art print is an awesome experience. DinoDanDesign

Artists sometimes play their cards close to the vest…”not me” so here is more than a “sneak peek” for an upcoming art exhibit Six Unique Perspectives

Six Unique Perspectives | New Haven CT

Botanical Elements is one of my four digital montages currently featured at a group exhibit at the Mitchell Library in New Haven, CT from Feb. 8th – Mar. 31st.  BotanicalElementsOur opening reception was exciting and very well attended. I created all the digital montages specifically for this space because many visitors to the Library are familiar with the  Dinosaur sculpture on the front lawn of the Yale Peabody Museum as well as the Handsome Dan sculpture on his own bench near the Yale bookstore. These vertical panoramas are almost four feet high and extremely eye-catching:)