typography | spring 2019 SCSU

Gill Sans Poster Design

Unfortunately, I have had mixed feelings about Eric Gill and Gill Sans. It is impossible to forget that he may have sexually abused his daughters.  Art Historians & Curators debate the need to separate the art from the artist. I find it difficult to do this. Philosophically, this assignment became very challenging.

Participating in an effective critique is an important skill. Our professor, Peggy Bloomer, provided great guidelines at the start of the semester – the CRAP model!


Paula Scher said “Make it Bigger” and this makes sense when considering contrast.

Maybe someone will notice the “ill”  in the counter of the gigantic, gorgeous G.  Of course, this is a humorous way to include repetition.

I was delighted to discover that the G is not centered on it’s vertical axis and considered Gill’s subtle variances of internal alignment when placing supporting type.

The viewer’s eye should stay on this poster because the few elements are close to each other and gain importance and relevance by their proximity.

A color guru might notice the choice of “light acid green” for the background and connect the color to vomit or bile.  Adding color makes this design stronger – thanks to Peggy.

It was a conscious choice not to add extraneous design elements like background type texture.  This design is bold and confident.