Photographing Awesome people…

I photograph Stephen every month on or shortly after his “birthday for that month.” Simply put, he is a beautiful, sweet, happy, friendly and entertaining child. I adore Stephen and love to photograph him. His mom & dad, one brother & three sisters are all very nice making the experience even more special.

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On one visit, Kerinne, Stephen’s sister,  seemed very interested in and attentive to the photo process. She watched everything I did and it made sense to include her in the session. When it came time to view the photos in Lightroom and make selections, our blossoming photographer with my encouragement took over the keypad on my MacBook Pro, helping rate the photos with a decisive confidence while involving her mom in the process. She was very quick to pick up the quirks of Lightroom, asking “Where did the Library go?”

My heart melted again that day.  I also showed  Kerinne how to use the Develop Module in Lightroom and when we took the “keepers” into Photoshop, she worked the most interesting adjustments on her favorite photo. The final step was to name and save the photo on the right…undeniably  very cute…look at Stephen’s big eyes. She started to type “awesome……” and I could not resist saying….”how did you know my name?”

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Laughter and smiles followed.

Every moment of this experience was extra special. Kerinne, only 8 years old, possesses visual awareness, confidence and technical prowess which surpasses that of some “grown up” folks I’ve encountered over the years. I remember a “young but old boss” telling me that she was “leery of digital cameras.”

After we wrapped it up, my new photo friend helped carry my silver briefcase to the car. It was hard to tell who was happier…Kerinne or me. Little people are special and I am very fortunate to have an opportunity to enjoy photographing and connecting with them.

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